Institute Director
William Watson, PhD., Professor of History, Immaculata University, Duffy's Cut Founding Member
David Barnes, PhD., Associate Professor of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania
Timothy Bechtel, PhD., Visiting Professor of Geosciences, Franklin & Marshall College, Duffy's Cut Team Member
Samantha Cox, PhD., in Anthropology and Archaeology (pending), University of Cambridge, Duffy's Cut Team Member
Diane Grimes, MA, MFA., Associate Professor and Art Department Chair, Immaculata University
Eugene Halus, PhD., Valley Forge Freedoms Foundation
John Hankey, BS, MA., Railroad Expert and Historian
Marian Makins, PhD., Fellow of the Critical Writing Program, University of Pennsylvania
Janet Monge, PhD., Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, Duffy's Cut Team Member
Eric Okdeh, Muralist for the City of Philadelphia, Mural Arts Program
Matthew Olson, BA., Archaeologist and Crew Chief for AECOM
Katie Oxx, PhD., Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and American Catholicism, St. Joseph’s University
Matthew Patterson, DMD., Patterson-Votilla Dentistry for Life, Duffy's Cut Team Member
Earl Schandelmeier, MA., Adjunct Professor of History, Immaculata University, Duffy's Cut Founding Member
Leslie Trimmer, EdD., Adjunct Professor of Education, York College
J. Francis Watson, PhD., Pastor at Christ Lutheran Church, Whiting, NJ, Duffy's Cut Founding Member

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