Robert M Zakrzewski, Strath Haven High School - Grade Level 11

Lesson Plan: Voices Unveiled: Validating Neglected Perspectives at Duffy's Cut and Beyond

The origin of this project stems from the readings and lectures of the National Endowment of the Humanities Summer Institute: “A Perfect Storm” at Duffy’s Cut: Investigating Immigration, Industrialization, and Illness in 19th Century America. Early in the program, Prof. Gene Halus offered the thought-provoking point and question, “It’s very hard to tell their story. And Duffy’s Cut is one example—how many more are there?” With this in mind, the English Language Arts classroom offers the ideal setting to investigate neglected perspectives and compare them to others in fiction and history. By introducing the story of Duffy’s Cut through primary sources and scholarly research, then presenting attempts to capture the workers’ perspectives in fiction, art, and music, the teacher can model for students an excellent example of the interplay between history and art, research and creativity, and dominant and alternate perspectives.

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