Diedre M. Young, Ridgway Christian High School - Grade Level 9-12

Lesson Plan: Epidemic Disease and Public Health (PDF)

The purpose of this project is expose students to the plight of Irish Catholics in the early 19th century (through Duffy’s Cut) and to tie this information into how the lack of sanitation conditions at that time plus the low value that was placed on Irish Catholic Immigrant workers contributed to the widespread Cholera outbreak and the subsequent murders that happened at the Duffy’s Cut Camp. Students will also do a compare and contrast of the sanitation conditions of the Irish Immigrant workers at Duffy’s Cut and the hygiene conditions of slaves in the southern states of the same time period thus understanding how an immigrant’s health is affected by those they are exposed to plus the treatment of others. This in turn will help students understand why the evolution of today’s public health laws is important.

Supplemental Information

Cholera PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) | Cholera Power Point Presentation with outline (download)
Hygiene/Medicine in the 1800's: Irish Catholic Immigrants, Slaves in America and our Public Health Policy (PDF) | Power Point Presentation with outline download
Give me 5 Lab (PDF) | Download WordDoc
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