Valerie A Stone, Pius XI Catholic School - Grade Level 9-12

Lesson Plan: Geographic Information Systems Activities Featuring Duffy's Cut (PDF) | Download WordDoc

GIS This unit is written to provide resources for teachers introducing GIS map resources to students.  Lessons can be utilized separately to feature a specific resource.  Duffy’s Cut is featured in each of these lessons, to provide an interesting adventure with a historical landmark that leads into so many issues. 

Questions may come up about Duffy’s Cut, or a creative teacher may be able to integrate components of the story to draw more of an inquiry experience into the events that happened in 1842 by the students generating more interest in the land.
Skills taught here are designed to be applied to any map reading or data driven project of any location on earth, that make it useful and applicable to areas of literacy, social studies, geography, science, environmental science, earth science, planning and project development anywhere on earth.

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