2016 NEH Lesson Plans
The Irish Immigrant: His Place in the U.S.
from 1820-1860
by Merrill E. Bell
The American Dream Through the Lens of American Immigrants - A Precursor to, " What's Your Story"
by James E. Santore
Epidemic Disease and Public Health
by Diedre M. Young
1800's Journal Letter/Diary Entry Project
by Katherine A. Tchoursine
How Did We Get Here?
by Bethanne Killian, Keysiah M. Middleton,
James W. Flannery, William Schluster and
Charles Ullestad
Lesson's Learned from Duffy's Cut
by Joann R. Blumenfeld / Kathryn F. Patrick
Immigration: Connecting the Past to Your Present
by Joyce R. Biletz
The Unsolved Mystery of Duffy's Cut
by Regina Chamberlin
Disposable Lives, Disposable Bodies: Alienation, Surplus Value, and Super Exploited Labor at Duffy's Cut
by Thomas J (TJ) Adams
"I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot!: Lessons in Immigration to America"
by Richard Girkin
Duffy's Cut
by Beverly J. Griffin
Genocide, Holocaust and Human Rights Violations
by Jeffrey W. Litzke
A Thematic Look at Irish Immigration: Okies & the Irish
by Jon Turner and Kevin Casey
Voices Unveiled: Validating Neglected Perspectives at Duffy's Cut and Beyond
by Robert Zakrzewski
Understanding Immigrants
by Matthew T. Winters
Immigration, Nativism, and the Effect on the Irish in a Burgeoning United States of America
by Bernadette Ward
How Migration Impacts Development
by Denise M. Lam
Geographic Information System Activities Featuring Duffy's Cut
By Valerie A. Stone
From Duffy's Cut to Arkansas and Arizona: A Coast to Coast Epidemic Mystery
by Robin McNutt-Garcia

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