Dr. Timothy Bechtel, PhD., Franklin and Marshall College

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Tim has taught Geophysics, Karst Hydrogeology, Geocomputation and Environmental Geology at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. Tim is an Associate Editor for Hydrogeology Journal, and a member of the Karst Commission of the International Association of Hydrogeologists. He is also a member of international scientific collaborations that are funded by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Science for Peace and Security (NATO SPS) program, the US-Russia-Japan-EU International Science and Technology Center (ISTC), and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) to study novel technologies for humanitarian de-mining, remote detection of disaster victims buried beneath rubble, avalanches, etc., and non-destructive subsurface testing for historic and cultural preservation. He is also a founding principal (with his wife Felicia) of Enviroscan, Inc., a geophysical contracting firm. He now lives with his wife, three daughters and dog (also female) on the Conestoga Formation (with no sinkholes…yet) in Lancaster.


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